Recent issues

Each month, the magazine contains announcements for church and village events, reports from village organisations, and some or all of the following regular entries:

            • The Churches of Bosham (contact details)
            • The Vicar Writes…
            • Monthly Calendar
            • Music in Bosham
            • From our Member of Parliament
            • What’s on at Hamblin House
            • Reflections (seasonal thoughts)
            • From the Registers (baptisms, marriages and deaths)
            • Year’s Mind (anniversaries of deaths)
            • Tides, Sunrise, Sunset and Rainfall
            • Local bus and train times
          • Quick Quiz and Picture Quiz
          • In addition, there are items which vary from month to month. The most important of these in recent issues are listed below. Titles printed in blue or purple are hyperlinks – click on them to download the article. Earlier significant entries are listed in the “Archive”.
          • October 2021
      • Jan Emerson officiates at her grand-daughter’s wedding p.6
      • Maybush Copse p.7
      • Travel – a cruise around the British Isles p.14,15

    September 2021

        • Church Chuckles (cartoon) p.9
        • Rewilding Critchfield Road p.10
        • Bosham Book Box p.11
        • 50 years of the RC Church p.12
        • ‘Horti’ Centenary Show pp.14-15
        • Tree Portrait in The Bosham Gallery p.17

    August 2021

        • Church to re-open after lockdown
        • Magic Roundabout’ progressive lunch party, Sunday October 17th
        • Archdeaconry Confirmation with 16 candidates from Bosham
        • WI talk about housing in Sussex between the wars
        • Spectacular photograph of Rovereto in Italy
        • ‘Horti’ 100th Annual Flower and Vegetable show
        • A tribute to Linda Banting, who died on July 10th
        • New Parish Council noticeboard


    July 2021

            • ‘Magic Roundabout’ progressive lunch party, Sunday October 17th
            • Bosham ‘Pop-Up’ Church Fete – cancelled
            • Bosham Village Hall – reopening
            • Funtington Players – rehearsed reading and audition
            • Charity book on rambles in Sussex
            • WI talk – women who dressed as men to fight in wars
            • Chichester Art Trail
            • Bosham Life Team planning to retire – new team members needed
            • June 2021
                  • Visit of Princess Anne p.5
                  • New bench on Quay Meadow p.6
                  • Award for Bosham Gallery p.8
                  • Local election results p.8
                  • Rewilding Critchfield Road p.11
                  • Bosham ‘Pop-up’ Church Fete 2021 pp.12,13
                  • Retirement of Joan Langhorne as Archivist pp.14,15
                  • Record low rainfall p.19

    May 2021

            • Death of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh p.4,5
            • Chichester Cathedral p.6
            • Bosham ‘Pop-up’ Church Fete 2021 p.11
            • Fallen tree at Millstream Hotel p.13
            • “20’s Plenty” where people live p.14
            • Uncontrolled dogs attacking swans p.15
            • Garden Show at Stansted Park p.16
            • Magic Roundabout p.18
            • Burnes Shipyard – possible development p.20

    April 2021

            • Easter week services at Holy Trinity p.4
            • World day of prayer p.5
            • Village Hall AGM p.5
            • ‘BISCuit’ wraps up pp.6-7
            • Edwardian watercolours of Bosham shoreline p.10
            • Sail a Swallow p.11
            • Charity: ‘Tools with a mission’ p.12

    March 2021

            • Holy Trinity pancake party p.6
            • ‘The Son of God’ by Jeffrey Archer p.7
            • Clocks go forward p.10
            • Monthly rainfall in 2020 p.14
            • Stonehenge by Ikea p.18

    February 2021

            • Lent courses p.5
            • Eat in to help out p.7
            • Open gardens 2020 p.8
            • Joe Biden and Bosham p.10
            • ‘I want to be a princess’ p.13
            • From the Church Warden p.16
            • ‘Virus’ by Janet Denny (poem) p.18

    January 2021

            • Bosham School – Christmas Scarecrow Trail pp.6-7
            • Book and Film Review – The Queen’s Gambit p.9
            • Wednesday Bible Study – Collecting for Stonepillow p.10
            • Tom Gordon fundraising success p.13
            • Joe Biden has an ancestor who lived in Bosham p.13
            • The Daintree Rainforest pp.14-15
            • Seen in the village (photographs) p.16
            • A little light relief (cartoons) p.17
            • Name the plant p.20

    December 2020

            • Blessing of the graves p.5
            • Coping with the Covid-19 pandemic p.6
            • Remembrance Day under lockdown p.6
            • Tom Gordon, raising funds for Romanian orphanage p.8
            • Bird Rangers in Chichester Harbour p.11
            • WI News: ‘Send a Cow’ charity p.12-13
            • Dementia Support (Sage House) p.18

    November 2020

    October 2020

            • Caption competition p.5
            • Adult Mental Health (BIScuit) p.6
            • Church Electoral Roll p.7
            • The pedant’s revolt (cartoon) p.9
            • Bosham Association AGM by Zoom p.10
            • Holy Trinity Annual Parochial Church Meeting on October 21st p.11
            • Thank you letter from a visitor p.13
            • Return of ‘Dave the Ice’ following illness p.16
            • How the Internet started (humour) p.18
            • Award for local gallery p.18

    September 2020

            • Rev Jan Emerson writes… p.4
            • Attending a service, now the church has re-opened p.5
            • Cleaning and overhauling the organ p.6
            • The Millstream Hotel – then and now p.9
            • Teen mental health (BISCuit) p.10
            • Boules in Bosham? p.11
            • The hedge project in Bosham p.12
            • Chichester Harbour on Countryfile p.12
            • Archivist’s annual report for 2019 pp.16-17
            • Children’s answers to a bible quiz p.22

    August 2020

            • Church plans for return to regular worship pp.4,5
            • Bosham Village Friends, Bosham Monday Club and BISCuit p.6
            • St Wilfrid’s Hospice p.7
            • Bosham Parish Council (online videos for visitors) p.9
            • Bosham Village Hall – AGM and vacancy for Secretary and Caretaker p.10
            • Bench as a memorial to Gina McWilliam p.11
            • Coming out of lockdown (photos) p.13
            • Quay Meadow update pp.14,15
            • Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder p.16
            • A Crabbit Old Woman p.18; Nurse’s Reply p.20
            • A Good Read… p.22

    July 2020

            • The church is open for private prayer p.5
            • Enhancements to the Fishbourne Chantry p.5
            • The Fishbourne Chantry (history) p.6
            • Bosham Primary School pp.8-9
            • Rescue in Chichester Harbour p.9
            • Biography – Rita Gilby pp.10-11
            • Finding good financial advice during COVID-19 (BISCuit) p.13
            • Anti-social behaviour in Bosham pp.14-15

    June 2020

            • Online ministry during the pandemic p.4
            • The church is closed (dispute between Pope Innocent III and King John) p.5
            • BISCuit (Bosham Isolation Support Community) pp.6-7
            • All was quiet in Sunnyway (discovery of hand grenade) p.8
            • Charles Alfred Stothard – pioneering student of the Bayeaux tapestry pp.10-11
            • Photos of VE Day 75th anniversary celebrations pp.12-13
            • The jigsaw revival p.18

    May 2020

            • Online ministry during the pandemic p.5
            • Bosham says ‘thank you’ to NHS workers p.6
            • Images from the ‘lockdown’ p.7
            • Keeping children interested p.8
            • Lockdown (poem) p.9
            • Bosham Burial Ground memorial stone p.10
            • In memorium – Mike McKeand p.10
            • A previous pandemic (17th century plague) pp.11-13
            • In memorium – Nick Langhorne pp.14-16

    April 2020

            • Cancellation notices for all church and village events
            • Chichester Cathedral Festival of Flowers (postponed to 2021) p.5
            • Obituary – Nicholas ‘Nick’ Langhorne p.6
            • St Wilfrid’s Hospice fundraising activities p.6
            • Food deliveries during the crisis p.8
            • Bosham Isolation Support Community UIT (BISCUIT) p.8
            • ‘Lockdown’ – a poem in response to the pandemic p.9
            • A memory of Ken Wood – the ‘Bird Man’ – who died in February p.12
            • A modern ‘slant’ on the Ten Commandments p.13
            • ‘Prayer for a pandemic’ p.16
            • Photographs of Spring lambs p.20

    March 2020

            • Musicians wanted – by the handbell team p.4
            • Open days in the Hamblin Garden Centre p.6
            • Installation of new choristers p.7
            • The Quiet Garden at Fishbourne p.9
            • Bridge repairs p.10
            • “Time to Talk” at Sage House p.10
            • A visit from Storm Ciera (and Dennis) p.11
            • The Bosham Variety Show p.15
            • Luscombes are going out of business p.16
            • Keeping children safe online p.17
            • Annual Parish Assembly p.17
            • Chichester Harbour from the air p.18

    February 2020

            • Chichester Cathedral – ‘Book at Breakfast’ and Handel opera p.5
            • Harbour walk and creative writing course p.8
            • Reinstatement of 56 bus at 9:30am p.9
            • Bosham Association – planting of elm trees p.10
            • Lent activities at the two churches p.10
            • Travel: Iceland Overland 2019 pp.12-13
            • Rainfall month-by-month in 2019 p.14

    January 2020

            • Wedding receptions at Chichester Cathedral p.5
            • Bosham Village Hall administration p.6
            • Charity in focus – The Samaritans p.7
            • The Romanian Orphanage p.8
            • Bosham Sailing Club buys the Old Mill p.9
            • Bosham Monday Club treated to tea at the Manor House p.9
            • From the archives: fatal traffic accident in 1945 p.10
            • Travel: Iceland Overland 2019 (part 1) pp.12-13
            • The Church clock – restored p.14

    December 2019

            • Parish Council housing update p.7
            • Chichester Harbour Trust: harbour environment is an election priority p.16
            • Conviction of confessed murderer p.18
            • Candidates for general election on December 12th p.19

    November 2019

            • What’s the story on the church clock? p.8
            • West Sussex mobile library p.9
            • An Australian looks at religious intolerance – and tolerance p.10
            • “Twenty is Plenty” – village speed limits p.11
            • A bellringer reminisces p.12

    October 2019

            • Our living church (introduction to ‘Godly Play’) p.6
            • The Manor of Bosham (part 2) pp.11-12
            • The Bayeux altar cloth repairs p.16
            • Bosham – as seen by a visitor from the Netherlands p.12

    September 2019

            • St Wilfrid’s Hospice (opening in Bosham) p.6
            • Horticultural show results p.9
            • For sale: the Manor of Bosham p.14
            • The Manor of Bosham (part 1) pp.15-16
            • Rail closures p.16
            • Gerald Marcuse (replacement of commemorative bench) p.16

    August 2019

            • Holy Trinity Church Fête (photos) p.5
            • Sailing and Rowing in Bosham (photos) p.7
            • Holy Trinity Church Choir (photos) p.10
            • Suspect arrested over Bosham murder p.12
            • St Wilfrid’s Hospice opens in Bosham pp.14-15
            • Looking for Norma p.18

    July 2019

            • Bosham Open Gardens p.7
            • The “Bayeux Tapestry” Altar Frontal p.8
            • Holy Trinity Church Choir: two new choirboys p.8
            • Bosham Youth Group Family Weekend on TS Resolute p.9
            • 50th Anniversary of the First Moon Landing p.10
            • “Getting Things in Perspective” p.11
            • Bosham Upholstery Group p.13
            • WI Outing to Lancing College Chapel p.14
            • The Quiet Garden at Fishbourne p.18

    June 2019

            • The Festival of Chichester p.5
            • Bosham Open Gardens p.6
            • Gerald Marcuse (renewal of bench by millstream) p.7
            • Bosham Church Fête pp.8-9
            • Bosham Forum Outing to Breamore House p.10
            • Bosham Association report on repairs to millstream bank pp.14-15

    May 2019

            • Was King Harold buried at Waltham Abbey? p.8
            • Design by Edward Johnson p.13
            • Don’t destroy Chichester Harbour pp.16-17
            • Stands the church clock at two-oh-two? p.18

    April 2019

    March 2019

            • The Bosham Association: The urbanisation of the A259 p.11
            • Re-use of Clock Memorial Tombstone p.12
            • Travel: Morocco overland pp.14-15
            • Keeping Traditional Solent Galleys Afloat

    February 2019

    January 2019

    December 2018

            • Blessing of the graves p.6
            • Years Mind p.6
            • Chichester Harbour Trust land acquisitions p.8
            • New housing for Bosham? p.10
            • Handbell team p.12
            • Youth Group sleepout p.13
            • The Marcuse bench p.15
            • 20mph for Bosham – update p.17
            • WW1 armistice celebrations p.18

    November 2018

            • Change of Parish Administrator p.4
            • WW1 Soldier Silhouettes in Bosham p.6
            • Battle’s Over (WW1 Remembrance Event) p.7
            • Men from Bosham on active service in WW1 pp.8-9
            • Come and sing ‘The Messiah’ p.10
            • Thames Barge ‘Alice’ at Bosham Quay (photo) p.11
            • Christmas Concert by Harbour Voices p.13
            • Charity in Focus: To Romania with love pp.16-17
            • Disaster emergency in Indonesia p.18
            • Bosham Association 20mph survey p.19
            • Bosham football team 1912-13 p.20
            • Bosham Primary School Christmas Fair p.21
            • Christmas on the Meadow p.22

    October 2018

            • Diocesan harvest appeal and Kerala p.9
            • Eglise Saint-Dominique, Monpazier, Dordogne p.9
            • Ride and stride p.10
            • Tide wall repairs p.12
            • Bosham football team, 1912-13 p.13
            • RNLI coffee morning, Bosham Gallery p.13
            • WW1: Letters from the front p.14
            • The prettiest house in the village? p.16
            • Britain in LEGO bricks at the Novium p.18

    September 2018

            • “Yes or No” to 20 mph? p.5
            • Obituary – Rachel Smith p.6
            • Horticultural Society annual show p.9
            • External cardiac defibrillators p.10
            • Harbour Voices p.11
            • A tide mill? (continued from August 2018, p.7) p.12
            • My abseiling challenge (by Joan Langhorne) pp.14-15

    August 2018

    July 2018

            • Harbour Voices concert for the Dreambuilding p.5
            • Feeding Refugees p.7
            • Bosham Forum visit to St Mary’s, Bramber p.9
            • From our Member of Parliament p.11
            • Unusual summer visitors (hoopoes) p.12
            • Bosham Regatta p.14
            • Bosham Church Fête 2018 p.15
            • Bosham on TV (again!) p.17

    June 2018

            • Vicar’s letter: proposed memorial window p.4
            • Bosham Church Fête 2018 p.5
            • Another photo quiz p.7
            • Bosham Variety Show and minibus to Bishop Luffa p.8
            • Abseiling the Spinnaker Tower p.8
            • Obituary: Adrian Barritt p.9
            • Confirmation at Holy Trinity p.9
            • St Richard’s Hospital garden p.10
            • Opening of Sage House p.11
            • A Senior’s Version of Facebook p.13
            • Looking after our environment p.14

    May 2018

            • Cover picture p.6
            • BEATS (charity): The Joy of Helping p.9
            • 95th Anniversary of the Solent Sunbeam p.12
            • Another video featuring Bosham p.14

    April 2018

            • Stepping down, after 5½ years as churchwarden p.5
            • A visitor’s viewpoint p.6
            • Snow sculptures by Lauren van Niekerk p.8
            • Bosham School swimming successes p.12
            • Snowy’s Healing Tree p.13
            • Broadbridge peacock p.13
            • The Carr-Jones Trust p.16
            • Catholic church in the snow p.16
            • Changes to level crossing timing p.18

    March 2018

    February 2018

            • Father Martin to be appointed Canon of Chichester Cathedral p.4
            • Foodbank collection in Holy Trinity p.11
            • Rainfall in 2017 (graph) p.13
            • Obiturary: Rev David Marsden-Jones p.13
            • ‘Bosham Lives’ biography of David Marsden-Jones pp.14-15

    January 2018

    December 2017

            • Welcome to Canon Tom Traherne p.6
            • Bell ringing quarter peal p.7
            • Years mind list p.8
            • David Winch (obituary) p.8
            • The big sleep out p.9
            • New administrator for Chichester Harbour Trust p.13
            • The Stone Coffins of Bosham Church (part 5) pp.16-17
            • Aerial visitors (photographs) p.21
            • Book review – The fifth gospel p.22

    November 2017

            • Bosham Parish Camp p.5
            • Death of Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor p.6
            • A new priest for Bosham (Catholic parish) p.7
            • Royal British Legion tour to the Normandy Beaches p.8
            • The stone coffins of Bosham Church (part 4) pp.14-15
            • Friends of Children in Romania pp.16-17

    October 2017

    September 2017

    August 2017

    July 2017

            • Death of Bishop Geoffrey Rowell p.5
            • Bellringers support BBC Music Day in memory of John Birchenough p.7
            • The Altar Cloths in Holy Trinity pp.8-9
            • Bosham Gardens Open Day p.10
            • Update on St Wilfrid’s Hospice new building p.13
            • Bosham Church Fête – Quay Meadow pp.14-15
            • Events at National Trust Uppark p.17

    June 2017

            • Obituary – Dave Stear p.7
            • Princess Anne (nearly) slept here! p.13
            • Bosham Church Fête pp.14-15
            • Obituary – Frances Messenger p.17
            • From ‘The Prophet’ – ‘On Death’ p.17
            • ‘A Nurse’s Lament’ p.19

    May 2017

            • Wendy hangs up her minibus keys p.8
            • Youth pilgrimage to Walsingham p.9
            • Bosham Variety Show p.11
            • Primary School May Fair p.12
            • Obituary: Dr David Lacey pp.14-15
            • Bosham Gardens Open Day p.16
            • New canal from Chichester to Goodwood p.17
            • Results of caption competition p.18
            • Swantoon is in use p.19

    April 2017

            • Checking the Purbeck columns p.6
            • Bowling in Bosham and Fishbourne p.11
            • Bosham Forum speaker interviewed by the BBC p.15
            • Bishop George Bell pp.16-17

    March 2017

            • First Holy Communion of Sunday – Saturday at 6:00pm p.5
            • The Bosham Variety Show p.8
            • An unusual visitor to Bosham Quay (UK Border Force) p.10
            • St Paul and the Body of Christ Metaphor pp.14-15
            • Music in Bosham pp.16,17

    February 2017

            • Music in Bosham p.4
            • Holy Trinity church office p.5
            • Bosham Primary School p.6
            • Hospice “Dream Wheelers” p.11
            • Lent in Bosham p.12
            • Botanical recording of churchyard p.13
            • Rainfall in 2016 and average for previous years p.15
            • Swans at sunset (photograph) p.23

    January 2017

            • Music in Bosham p.5
            • Bosham in the snow p.10
            • Bosham Association AGM p.12
            • Poetry competition p.13
            • Unusual lawn mowing p.14
            • Organ recital p.15

    December 2016

            • Three generations serving in Holy Trinity p.5
            • Romanian Christmas appeal p.9
            • Charity in Focus – Project Rome Tibertina Tuesdays p.12
            • Burial ground cleanup p.13
            • Carols on the Meadow p.14
            • Singing day – Handel’s Messiah p.15
            • Refugees (poem) p.18

    November 2016

            • A letter from Father Tom p.5
            • Harvest Supper p.9
            • Bosham Christmas Craft Trail p.13
            • Friends of Children in Romania p.14
            • Magic Roundabout report p.17
            • Bosham Christmas Bazaar p.16

    October 2016

            • Fear for Fuchsias p.11
            • The “Swantoon” lives again p.18
            • “IF” (poem – after Kipling) p.19
            • Wheelchair dance p.20
            • Background to the “Norman Conquest” p.21

    September 2016

            • Singing Day at Holy Trinity p.6
            • Bosham Church – No Flowers? p.8
            • St Wilfrid’s Hospice – Construction and Christmas Bazaar p.12
            • Bosham Primary School – ‘Oliver’ p.13
            • Travel – Jutland p.14
            • Monday Club 50th Anniversary p.17
            • Peacock at Broadbridge Mill (painting) p.19

    August 2016

            • Update on “Room for Growth” p.5
            • Music in Bosham p.7
            • Bubble Rush Fun Run for St Wilfrid’s p.9
            • Bosham Housing Development Public Information Meetings p.11
            • Magic Roundabout p.15

    July 2016

            • Update on “Room for Growth” p.6
            • Bosham Village Neighbourhood Plan – Progress to Date p.9
            • Music on a Summer’s Evening p.11
            • A Magical Day in Bosham p.14
            • Bosham Church Fête p.15
            • From the Archives – HMS Eurydice p.16

    June 2016

            • The Queen’s 90th Birthday p.5
            • Bosham Youth Group p.10
            • Our Wonderful Young People p.11
            • ‘Textbook Care’ p.12
            • Bosham Youth Centre p.13
            • Bosham Lives – Mervyn Banting pp.14-15
            • Bosham Church Fête pp.16-17
            • A Letter to Dr Laura (biblical humour) p.21

    May 2016

            • The Lord’s Prayer p.6
            • Focused Prayer for Persecuted Christians p.8
            • St Wilfrid’s Hospice Dreambuilding p.9
            • Storm ‘Katie’ batters Bosham p.12
            • New affordable housing p.13
            • Bosham Sailing Club news pp.14-15
            • A June arrival! (new minibus) p.16

    April 2016

    March 2016

            • Development proposal in the churchyard p.6
            • Bosham aghast at planning outcome p.7
            • Stainer’s Crucifixion p.9
            • Bosham Lives reprint – Denise St Aubyn Hubbard p.14

    February 2016

            • Proposed Parish Room p.5
            • Organ Scholar and Choral Scholar p.5
            • Sunshine through the window (photo) p.6
            • Preparing this month’s Bosham Life p.6
            • Obituary – Sonner Gilby p.7
            • Annual rainfall p.15

    January 2016

    December 2015

            • Bosham Village Calendar p.5
            • Letter from Bishop Martin pp.6-7
            • Funtington Music Group p.12
            • Singing Day at Holy Trinity pp.14-15

    November 2015

    October 2015

            • Bosham Village Neighbourhood Plan p.6
            • Bosham Youth Group virtual barbecue p.7
            • Di Beck’s moving story p.11
            • Mary Rose Museum temporary closing p.11
            • New Director of Music at Holy Trinity p.12
            • Bosham village wall calendar p.12
            • Goodbye, Bosham from David Lacey p.17
            • Colour run fundraiser for St Wilfrid’s Hospice p.18
            • Admission to Bishop Luffa School p.19

    September 2015

            • St Wilfrid’s Hospice ‘Memory Leaves’ p.6
            • Parish family camp pp.8,9
            • Horticultural Show report p.11
            • Bosham Sailing Club Junior Week pp.14-15
            • Travel (Kerala) pp.16-17

    August 2015

            • Brian Currell (obituary) p.7
            • Presentation of elephant by Rev Joby Joy p.10
            • Bosham Cricket Club fundraiser p.11
            • Bosham celebrates WI centenary p.13
            • Bosham Sailing Club summer events p.14
            • Possible move of St Wilfrid’s Hospice to Bosham pp.16,17

    July 2015

            • Trinity Sunday (All Hallows altar cloth) p.6
            • Westbourne Deanery barbecue p.7
            • The God of Israel through the eyes of the prophet Isaiah p.12
            • As time goes by… or Last Tango in Bosham p.15
            • Bosham Open Gardens day p.16
            • Bosham Forum visit to Brooklands p.17
            • Then and Now (Sailing Club) p.19

    June 2015

            • Parish lunch p.5
            • St Wilfrid’s Hospice p.7
            • Meeting point p.8
            • Sew – don’t throw p.9
            • Ringing for VE day p.10

    May 2015

            • Bosham WI visits Royal Hospital Chelsea p.6
            • Award for the Trippet wall p.9
            • Winter sea fishing in Bosham p.17

    April 2015

    March 2015

            • First World War p.6
            • March of the polytunnels p.8
            • Then and now (painting and photo of chancel) p.12
            • Here come the ‘Supertides’ p.15
            • Tidal flooding in Bosham (photos) p.16
            • Murder investigation continues

    February 2015

    January 2015

            • Find the location of a house p.5
            • WI Fashion Show p.7
            • The Silence of the … Bells! p.10
            • Romania p.12
            • The Epistle of James p.14

    December 2014

            • The grave of King Harold? p.9
            • Bosham Parish Neighbourhood Plan p.11
            • Astraia’s Baltic Journey 2014 (travel) p.12
            • The grave of Thomas Barrow p.14
            • Murder investigation p.20

    November 2014

            • Burnes Shipyard appeal p.10
            • How to create alarm and despondency p.11
            • Harvest supper p.11
            • God of surprises (man carrying a cross) p.12
            • The mud wall p.14

    October 2014

    September 2014

            • Tuppeny Barn p.9
            • Travel: Almost in the middle of nowhere (Cook Islands) p.10
            • WI visits to St Paul’s Cathedral and the Solent Way p.14
            • Bosham on TV: “A history of Britain by Simon Schama” p.18
            • An unusual visitor (a kestrel spends a week in church) p.24

    August 2014

            • Rita’s ring (story) p.5
            • Bosham Parish Neighbourhood Plan – update p.6
            • A new sea wall for Bosham p.8
            • Science Spot – shedding light on LEDs p.10
            • First World War p.13
            • From our readers p.15
            • Bosham Church Fête p.16
            • Guardian of a heritage (weather vane) p.19
            • Christian ministry in a changing world p.22

    July 2014

            • Bosham Parish Neighbourhood Plan – new housing p.8-9
            • New altar cloth and vestments p.10
            • Saxons in Sussex p.11
            • Flower festival pp.12-13
            • Noticing nature p.14
            • Hoedown report p.23

    June 2014

            • Bosham Parish Neighbourhood Plan p.8
            • Report on Rev Martin Lane’s sabbatical p.12

    May 2014

            • Women’s World Day of Prayer p.6
            • A New Altar Cloth for the All Hallows Chapel p.11
            • Goodbye Vestry, Hello … p.12
            • Harbourside Cleanup p.13
            • BYO Children’s Painting Competition p.14
            • Memories of Bosham’s Sewerage System p.17
            • Swarming p.18
            • Peter’s Denial (photograph) p.27

    April 2014

            • Bosham on the Silver Screen p.7
            • Neighbourhood Plan Fourth Exhibition p.9
            • Love Thy Neighbour Ministries p.11
            • Father Martin on Sabbatical p.14
            • Residents ‘Clamp’ Down on Parking p.15
            • Town Hall Meeting with Andrew Tyrie p.18
            • Should Make for an Interesting Race! p.27

    March 2014

            • Chichester’s New Local Plan p.6
            • Bosham on TV: the Saint p.7
            • The Other Bosham Head p.8
            • The Last Regularly Scheduled Matins Service p.11
            • Unlucky/Lucky Swan! p.11
            • Bosham Flower Festival p.14
            • Repairs to Chancel Floor p.15
            • Kevin Jamieson (obituary) p.17

    February 2014

            • The Bosham (Roman) head p.6
            • Annual rainfall in Bosham p.7
            • You took my place (Christian story) p.10
            • A win for Itchenor in the annual Nurdling match p.12
            • The calm and the storm (photos) pp.14-15
            • Maps of Bosham 1965 and 2003 p.17
            • Tide tables (cartoon) p.18

    January 2014

            • From the Sea at Bosham (poem) p.5
            • Down Lambert Way (historical walk) p.7
            • The Gospel of Mary (Christian history) p.8
            • Travel: The Joy of Friends Made on the Road p.13
            • Bosham on TV: David Dimbleby documentary p.14

    December 2013

            • Favourite Hymns (parishoners’ suggestions) p.5
            • Midnight Mass at Christmas (poem) p.7
            • Proposed Holy Trinity Vestry Enhancements p.8
            • The Sanctus bell p.9
            • Turkey Lifter (design and construction) p.9
            • Bosham Parish Neighbourhood Plan p.11
            • BEATS (British Earthquake and Tsunami Support) p.12
            • Christian Engineers in Development (charity) p.13
            • Bosham Association 50th AGM p.16
            • Head chorister retires p.16
            • Travel: Mandalay, Burma p.17

    November 2013

            • Edric Frederick VC, Third Baron Gifford p.7
            • Burne’s Shipyard Development p.10
            • Laying up of the Boats , Litany of Thanksgiving p. 12
            • Roman buildings in Bosham p.12
            • Replacing the Pilings Beside Bosham Quay p.15
            • A Backyard in Bosham (painting) p.16

    October 2013

            • From our new organist/choirmaster p.6
            • Update on the Neighbourhood Plan p.7
            • Science Spot: What is a Widget – and how does it work p.8
            • Ecclesiastical and Civil Parish Maps pp.14-15
            • Travel – Astraia’s Baltic Adventure p.16

    September 2013

            • The ‘Proper’ way to Lead Intercessions p.5
            • Bosham Lives: the Submariner (Sandy Woodward) p.10
            • The Crypt of Bosham Church p.14
            • Travel: Tiger Tracks in the Sundarbans (2) p.16

    August 2013

            • Bosham Parish Neighbourhood Plan p.9
            • Bosham Parish Lunch p.12
            • Bosham Church Fête photos pp.14-15
            • Travel: Tiger Tracks in the Sundarbans (1) p.16

    July 2013

            • Rita’s Ring (story) p.10
            • Balloons over Bosham p.11
            • Bosham Open Gardens Day p.13
            • Walsingham – May 2013 p.14
            • Bishop Visits Bosham p.15
            • Gumdrop p.17

    June 2013

            • From the Archives: the Copper Bass-Viol (2) p.6
            • Bosham Parish Neighbourhood Plan p.7
            • History of the Catholic Church in Bosham p.8
            • Science Spot: the Prime Meridian p.11
            • The Day the Church Turned Pink p.16
            • View the International Space Station p.18

    May 2013

            • Bosham Parish Neighbourhood Plan p.7
            • Bosham Fuel Syndicate p.10
            • Rita’s Ring (story) p.11
            • The Watercourses of Bosham p.14
                    • The New Mary Rose Museum p.16

    April 2013

            • Chichester Foodbank p.9
            • Science Spot: View the International Space Station p.10
            • Bosham Parish Neighbourhood Plan p.11
            • The Much Maligned Mary of Magdala p.12
            • News from the Choir p.14
            • Creating the new Mary Rose Museum p.15
            • From the Archives: the Copper Bass-Viol (1) p.17

    March 2013

            • Obituary: Angela Bromley-Martin p.12
            • Travel: Are You Planning to Visit Rome? p.13
            • From the Police and Crime Commisioner p.16
            • Before and After (Oyster Mews) p.18

    February 2013

            • Flooding in Bosham – Again! p.8
            • Bosham Neighbourhood Plan p.9
            • The Vicar’s Wife’s Story p.10
            • Monthly Rainfall p.12
            • Travel: a Danish Christmas p.14
            • Visit to the Romanian Orphanage p.16

    January 2013

        • Send a Cow p.5
        • Enthronement of the New Bishop p.9
        • A New Map of Bosham p.12