Recent issues

Each month, the magazine contains announcements for church and village events, reports from village organisations, and some or all of the following regular entries:

  • The Churches of Bosham (contact details)
  • The Vicar Writes…
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Music in Bosham
  • From our Member of Parliament
  • What’s on at Hamblin House
  • Reflections (seasonal thoughts)
  • From the Registers (baptisms, marriages and deaths)
  • Year’s Mind (anniversaries of deaths)
  • Tides, Sunrise, Sunset and Rainfall
  • Local bus and train times
  • Quick Quiz and Picture Quiz

In addition, there are items which vary from month to month. The most important of these in recent issues are listed below. Titles printed in blue or purple are hyperlinks – click on them to download the article. Earlier significant entries are listed in the “Archive”.

August 2021

  • Church to re-open after lockdown
  • Magic Roundabout’ progressive lunch party, Sunday October 17th
  • Archdeaconry Confirmation with 16 candidates from Bosham
  • WI talk about housing in Sussex between the wars
  • Spectacular photograph of Rovereto in Italy
  • ‘Horti’ 100th Annual Flower and Vegetable show
  • A tribute to Linda Banting, who died on July 10th
  • New Parish Council noticeboard

July 2021

      • ‘Magic Roundabout’ progressive lunch party, Sunday October 17th
      • Bosham ‘Pop-Up’ Church Fete – cancelled
      • Bosham Village Hall – reopening
      • Funtington Players – rehearsed reading and audition
      • Charity book on rambles in Sussex
      • WI talk – women who dressed as men to fight in wars
      • Chichester Art Trail
      • Bosham Life Team planning to retire – new team members needed


      • June 2021
            • Visit of Princess Anne p.5
            • New bench on Quay Meadow p.6
            • Award for Bosham Gallery p.8
            • Local election results p.8
            • Rewilding Critchfield Road p.11
            • Bosham ‘Pop-up’ Church Fete 2021 pp.12,13
            • Retirement of Joan Langhorne as Archivist pp.14,15
            • Record low rainfall p.19

May 2021

      • Death of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh p.4,5
      • Chichester Cathedral p.6
      • Bosham ‘Pop-up’ Church Fete 2021 p.11
      • Fallen tree at Millstream Hotel p.13
      • “20’s Plenty” where people live p.14
      • Uncontrolled dogs attacking swans p.15
      • Garden Show at Stansted Park p.16
      • Magic Roundabout p.18
      • Burnes Shipyard – possible development p.20

April 2021

      • Easter week services at Holy Trinity p.4
      • World day of prayer p.5
      • Village Hall AGM p.5
      • ‘BISCuit’ wraps up pp.6-7
      • Edwardian watercolours of Bosham shoreline p.10
      • Sail a Swallow p.11
      • Charity: ‘Tools with a mission’ p.12

March 2021

      • Holy Trinity pancake party p.6
      • ‘The Son of God’ by Jeffrey Archer p.7
      • Clocks go forward p.10
      • Monthly rainfall in 2020 p.14
      • Stonehenge by Ikea p.18

February 2021

      • Lent courses p.5
      • Eat in to help out p.7
      • Open gardens 2020 p.8
      • Joe Biden and Bosham p.10
      • ‘I want to be a princess’ p.13
      • From the Church Warden p.16
      • ‘Virus’ by Janet Denny (poem) p.18

January 2021

      • Bosham School – Christmas Scarecrow Trail pp.6-7
      • Book and Film Review – The Queen’s Gambit p.9
      • Wednesday Bible Study – Collecting for Stonepillow p.10
      • Tom Gordon fundraising success p.13
      • Joe Biden has an ancestor who lived in Bosham p.13
      • The Daintree Rainforest pp.14-15
      • Seen in the village (photographs) p.16
      • A little light relief (cartoons) p.17
      • Name the plant p.20

December 2020

      • Blessing of the graves p.5
      • Coping with the Covid-19 pandemic p.6
      • Remembrance Day under lockdown p.6
      • Tom Gordon, raising funds for Romanian orphanage p.8
      • Bird Rangers in Chichester Harbour p.11
      • WI News: ‘Send a Cow’ charity p.12-13
      • Dementia Support (Sage House) p.18

November 2020

October 2020

      • Caption competition p.5
      • Adult Mental Health (BIScuit) p.6
      • Church Electoral Roll p.7
      • The pedant’s revolt (cartoon) p.9
      • Bosham Association AGM by Zoom p.10
      • Holy Trinity Annual Parochial Church Meeting on October 21st p.11
      • Thank you letter from a visitor p.13
      • Return of ‘Dave the Ice’ following illness p.16
      • How the Internet started (humour) p.18
      • Award for local gallery p.18

September 2020

      • Rev Jan Emerson writes… p.4
      • Attending a service, now the church has re-opened p.5
      • Cleaning and overhauling the organ p.6
      • The Millstream Hotel – then and now p.9
      • Teen mental health (BISCuit) p.10
      • Boules in Bosham? p.11
      • The hedge project in Bosham p.12
      • Chichester Harbour on Countryfile p.12
      • Archivist’s annual report for 2019 pp.16-17
      • Children’s answers to a bible quiz p.22

August 2020

      • Church plans for return to regular worship pp.4,5
      • Bosham Village Friends, Bosham Monday Club and BISCuit p.6
      • St Wilfrid’s Hospice p.7
      • Bosham Parish Council (online videos for visitors) p.9
      • Bosham Village Hall – AGM and vacancy for Secretary and Caretaker p.10
      • Bench as a memorial to Gina McWilliam p.11
      • Coming out of lockdown (photos) p.13
      • Quay Meadow update pp.14,15
      • Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder p.16
      • A Crabbit Old Woman p.18; Nurse’s Reply p.20
      • A Good Read… p.22

July 2020

      • The church is open for private prayer p.5
      • Enhancements to the Fishbourne Chantry p.5
      • The Fishbourne Chantry (history) p.6
      • Bosham Primary School pp.8-9
      • Rescue in Chichester Harbour p.9
      • Biography – Rita Gilby pp.10-11
      • Finding good financial advice during COVID-19 (BISCuit) p.13
      • Anti-social behaviour in Bosham pp.14-15

June 2020

      • Online ministry during the pandemic p.4
      • The church is closed (dispute between Pope Innocent III and King John) p.5
      • BISCuit (Bosham Isolation Support Community) pp.6-7
      • All was quiet in Sunnyway (discovery of hand grenade) p.8
      • Charles Alfred Stothard – pioneering student of the Bayeaux tapestry pp.10-11
      • Photos of VE Day 75th anniversary celebrations pp.12-13
      • The jigsaw revival p.18

May 2020

      • Online ministry during the pandemic p.5
      • Bosham says ‘thank you’ to NHS workers p.6
      • Images from the ‘lockdown’ p.7
      • Keeping children interested p.8
      • Lockdown (poem) p.9
      • Bosham Burial Ground memorial stone p.10
      • In memorium – Mike McKeand p.10
      • A previous pandemic (17th century plague) pp.11-13
      • In memorium – Nick Langhorne pp.14-16

April 2020

      • Cancellation notices for all church and village events
      • Chichester Cathedral Festival of Flowers (postponed to 2021) p.5
      • Obituary – Nicholas ‘Nick’ Langhorne p.6
      • St Wilfrid’s Hospice fundraising activities p.6
      • Food deliveries during the crisis p.8
      • Bosham Isolation Support Community UIT (BISCUIT) p.8
      • ‘Lockdown’ – a poem in response to the pandemic p.9
      • A memory of Ken Wood – the ‘Bird Man’ – who died in February p.12
      • A modern ‘slant’ on the Ten Commandments p.13
      • ‘Prayer for a pandemic’ p.16
      • Photographs of Spring lambs p.20

March 2020

      • Musicians wanted – by the handbell team p.4
      • Open days in the Hamblin Garden Centre p.6
      • Installation of new choristers p.7
      • The Quiet Garden at Fishbourne p.9
      • Bridge repairs p.10
      • “Time to Talk” at Sage House p.10
      • A visit from Storm Ciera (and Dennis) p.11
      • The Bosham Variety Show p.15
      • Luscombes are going out of business p.16
      • Keeping children safe online p.17
      • Annual Parish Assembly p.17
      • Chichester Harbour from the air p.18

February 2020

      • Chichester Cathedral – ‘Book at Breakfast’ and Handel opera p.5
      • Harbour walk and creative writing course p.8
      • Reinstatement of 56 bus at 9:30am p.9
      • Bosham Association – planting of elm trees p.10
      • Lent activities at the two churches p.10
      • Travel: Iceland Overland 2019 pp.12-13
      • Rainfall month-by-month in 2019 p.14

January 2020

      • Wedding receptions at Chichester Cathedral p.5
      • Bosham Village Hall administration p.6
      • Charity in focus – The Samaritans p.7
      • The Romanian Orphanage p.8
      • Bosham Sailing Club buys the Old Mill p.9
      • Bosham Monday Club treated to tea at the Manor House p.9
      • From the archives: fatal traffic accident in 1945 p.10
      • Travel: Iceland Overland 2019 (part 1) pp.12-13
      • The Church clock – restored p.14

December 2019

      • Parish Council housing update p.7
      • Chichester Harbour Trust: harbour environment is an election priority p.16
      • Conviction of confessed murderer p.18
      • Candidates for general election on December 12th p.19

November 2019

      • What’s the story on the church clock? p.8
      • West Sussex mobile library p.9
      • An Australian looks at religious intolerance – and tolerance p.10
      • “Twenty is Plenty” – village speed limits p.11
      • A bellringer reminisces p.12

October 2019

      • Our living church (introduction to ‘Godly Play’) p.6
      • The Manor of Bosham (part 2) pp.11-12
      • The Bayeux altar cloth repairs p.16
      • Bosham – as seen by a visitor from the Netherlands p.12

September 2019

      • St Wilfrid’s Hospice (opening in Bosham) p.6
      • Horticultural show results p.9
      • For sale: the Manor of Bosham p.14
      • The Manor of Bosham (part 1) pp.15-16
      • Rail closures p.16
      • Gerald Marcuse (replacement of commemorative bench) p.16

August 2019

      • Holy Trinity Church Fête (photos) p.5
      • Sailing and Rowing in Bosham (photos) p.7
      • Holy Trinity Church Choir (photos) p.10
      • Suspect arrested over Bosham murder p.12
      • St Wilfrid’s Hospice opens in Bosham pp.14-15
      • Looking for Norma p.18

July 2019

      • Bosham Open Gardens p.7
      • The “Bayeux Tapestry” Altar Frontal p.8
      • Holy Trinity Church Choir: two new choirboys p.8
      • Bosham Youth Group Family Weekend on TS Resolute p.9
      • 50th Anniversary of the First Moon Landing p.10
      • “Getting Things in Perspective” p.11
      • Bosham Upholstery Group p.13
      • WI Outing to Lancing College Chapel p.14
      • The Quiet Garden at Fishbourne p.18

June 2019

      • The Festival of Chichester p.5
      • Bosham Open Gardens p.6
      • Gerald Marcuse (renewal of bench by millstream) p.7
      • Bosham Church Fête pp.8-9
      • Bosham Forum Outing to Breamore House p.10
      • Bosham Association report on repairs to millstream bank pp.14-15

May 2019

      • Was King Harold buried at Waltham Abbey? p.8
      • Design by Edward Johnson p.13
      • Don’t destroy Chichester Harbour pp.16-17
      • Stands the church clock at two-oh-two? p.18

April 2019

March 2019

      • The Bosham Association: The urbanisation of the A259 p.11
      • Re-use of Clock Memorial Tombstone p.12
      • Travel: Morocco overland pp.14-15
      • Keeping Traditional Solent Galleys Afloat

February 2019

January 2019

December 2018

      • Blessing of the graves p.6
      • Years Mind p.6
      • Chichester Harbour Trust land acquisitions p.8
      • New housing for Bosham? p.10
      • Handbell team p.12
      • Youth Group sleepout p.13
      • The Marcuse bench p.15
      • 20mph for Bosham – update p.17
      • WW1 armistice celebrations p.18

November 2018

      • Change of Parish Administrator p.4
      • WW1 Soldier Silhouettes in Bosham p.6
      • Battle’s Over (WW1 Remembrance Event) p.7
      • Men from Bosham on active service in WW1 pp.8-9
      • Come and sing ‘The Messiah’ p.10
      • Thames Barge ‘Alice’ at Bosham Quay (photo) p.11
      • Christmas Concert by Harbour Voices p.13
      • Charity in Focus: To Romania with love pp.16-17
      • Disaster emergency in Indonesia p.18
      • Bosham Association 20mph survey p.19
      • Bosham football team 1912-13 p.20
      • Bosham Primary School Christmas Fair p.21
      • Christmas on the Meadow p.22

October 2018

      • Diocesan harvest appeal and Kerala p.9
      • Eglise Saint-Dominique, Monpazier, Dordogne p.9
      • Ride and stride p.10
      • Tide wall repairs p.12
      • Bosham football team, 1912-13 p.13
      • RNLI coffee morning, Bosham Gallery p.13
      • WW1: Letters from the front p.14
      • The prettiest house in the village? p.16
      • Britain in LEGO bricks at the Novium p.18

September 2018

      • “Yes or No” to 20 mph? p.5
      • Obituary – Rachel Smith p.6
      • Horticultural Society annual show p.9
      • External cardiac defibrillators p.10
      • Harbour Voices p.11
      • A tide mill? (continued from August 2018, p.7) p.12
      • My abseiling challenge (by Joan Langhorne) pp.14-15

August 2018

July 2018

      • Harbour Voices concert for the Dreambuilding p.5
      • Feeding Refugees p.7
      • Bosham Forum visit to St Mary’s, Bramber p.9
      • From our Member of Parliament p.11
      • Unusual summer visitors (hoopoes) p.12
      • Bosham Regatta p.14
      • Bosham Church Fête 2018 p.15
      • Bosham on TV (again!) p.17

June 2018

      • Vicar’s letter: proposed memorial window p.4
      • Bosham Church Fête 2018 p.5
      • Another photo quiz p.7
      • Bosham Variety Show and minibus to Bishop Luffa p.8
      • Abseiling the Spinnaker Tower p.8
      • Obituary: Adrian Barritt p.9
      • Confirmation at Holy Trinity p.9
      • St Richard’s Hospital garden p.10
      • Opening of Sage House p.11
      • A Senior’s Version of Facebook p.13
      • Looking after our environment p.14

May 2018

      • Cover picture p.6
      • BEATS (charity): The Joy of Helping p.9
      • 95th Anniversary of the Solent Sunbeam p.12
      • Another video featuring Bosham p.14

April 2018

      • Stepping down, after 5½ years as churchwarden p.5
      • A visitor’s viewpoint p.6
      • Snow sculptures by Lauren van Niekerk p.8
      • Bosham School swimming successes p.12
      • Snowy’s Healing Tree p.13
      • Broadbridge peacock p.13
      • The Carr-Jones Trust p.16
      • Catholic church in the snow p.16
      • Changes to level crossing timing p.18

March 2018

February 2018

      • Father Martin to be appointed Canon of Chichester Cathedral p.4
      • Foodbank collection in Holy Trinity p.11
      • Rainfall in 2017 (graph) p.13
      • Obiturary: Rev David Marsden-Jones p.13
      • ‘Bosham Lives’ biography of David Marsden-Jones pp.14-15

January 2018

December 2017

      • Welcome to Canon Tom Traherne p.6
      • Bell ringing quarter peal p.7
      • Years mind list p.8
      • David Winch (obituary) p.8
      • The big sleep out p.9
      • New administrator for Chichester Harbour Trust p.13
      • The Stone Coffins of Bosham Church (part 5) pp.16-17
      • Aerial visitors (photographs) p.21
      • Book review – The fifth gospel p.22

November 2017

      • Bosham Parish Camp p.5
      • Death of Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor p.6
      • A new priest for Bosham (Catholic parish) p.7
      • Royal British Legion tour to the Normandy Beaches p.8
      • The stone coffins of Bosham Church (part 4) pp.14-15
      • Friends of Children in Romania pp.16-17

October 2017

September 2017

August 2017

July 2017

      • Death of Bishop Geoffrey Rowell p.5
      • Bellringers support BBC Music Day in memory of John Birchenough p.7
      • The Altar Cloths in Holy Trinity pp.8-9
      • Bosham Gardens Open Day p.10
      • Update on St Wilfrid’s Hospice new building p.13
      • Bosham Church Fête – Quay Meadow pp.14-15
      • Events at National Trust Uppark p.17

June 2017

      • Obituary – Dave Stear p.7
      • Princess Anne (nearly) slept here! p.13
      • Bosham Church Fête pp.14-15
      • Obituary – Frances Messenger p.17
      • From ‘The Prophet’ – ‘On Death’ p.17
      • ‘A Nurse’s Lament’ p.19

May 2017

      • Wendy hangs up her minibus keys p.8
      • Youth pilgrimage to Walsingham p.9
      • Bosham Variety Show p.11
      • Primary School May Fair p.12
      • Obituary: Dr David Lacey pp.14-15
      • Bosham Gardens Open Day p.16
      • New canal from Chichester to Goodwood p.17
      • Results of caption competition p.18
      • Swantoon is in use p.19

April 2017

      • Checking the Purbeck columns p.6
      • Bowling in Bosham and Fishbourne p.11
      • Bosham Forum speaker interviewed by the BBC p.15
      • Bishop George Bell pp.16-17

March 2017

      • First Holy Communion of Sunday – Saturday at 6:00pm p.5
      • The Bosham Variety Show p.8
      • An unusual visitor to Bosham Quay (UK Border Force) p.10
      • St Paul and the Body of Christ Metaphor pp.14-15
      • Music in Bosham pp.16,17

February 2017

      • Music in Bosham p.4
      • Holy Trinity church office p.5
      • Bosham Primary School p.6
      • Hospice “Dream Wheelers” p.11
      • Lent in Bosham p.12
      • Botanical recording of churchyard p.13
      • Rainfall in 2016 and average for previous years p.15
      • Swans at sunset (photograph) p.23

January 2017

      • Music in Bosham p.5
      • Bosham in the snow p.10
      • Bosham Association AGM p.12
      • Poetry competition p.13
      • Unusual lawn mowing p.14
      • Organ recital p.15

December 2016

      • Three generations serving in Holy Trinity p.5
      • Romanian Christmas appeal p.9
      • Charity in Focus – Project Rome Tibertina Tuesdays p.12
      • Burial ground cleanup p.13
      • Carols on the Meadow p.14
      • Singing day – Handel’s Messiah p.15
      • Refugees (poem) p.18

November 2016

      • A letter from Father Tom p.5
      • Harvest Supper p.9
      • Bosham Christmas Craft Trail p.13
      • Friends of Children in Romania p.14
      • Magic Roundabout report p.17
      • Bosham Christmas Bazaar p.16

October 2016

      • Fear for Fuchsias p.11
      • The “Swantoon” lives again p.18
      • “IF” (poem – after Kipling) p.19
      • Wheelchair dance p.20
      • Background to the “Norman Conquest” p.21

September 2016

      • Singing Day at Holy Trinity p.6
      • Bosham Church – No Flowers? p.8
      • St Wilfrid’s Hospice – Construction and Christmas Bazaar p.12
      • Bosham Primary School – ‘Oliver’ p.13
      • Travel – Jutland p.14
      • Monday Club 50th Anniversary p.17
      • Peacock at Broadbridge Mill (painting) p.19

August 2016

      • Update on “Room for Growth” p.5
      • Music in Bosham p.7
      • Bubble Rush Fun Run for St Wilfrid’s p.9
      • Bosham Housing Development Public Information Meetings p.11
      • Magic Roundabout p.15

July 2016

      • Update on “Room for Growth” p.6
      • Bosham Village Neighbourhood Plan – Progress to Date p.9
      • Music on a Summer’s Evening p.11
      • A Magical Day in Bosham p.14
      • Bosham Church Fête p.15
      • From the Archives – HMS Eurydice p.16

June 2016

      • The Queen’s 90th Birthday p.5
      • Bosham Youth Group p.10
      • Our Wonderful Young People p.11
      • ‘Textbook Care’ p.12
      • Bosham Youth Centre p.13
      • Bosham Lives – Mervyn Banting pp.14-15
      • Bosham Church Fête pp.16-17
      • A Letter to Dr Laura (biblical humour) p.21

May 2016

      • The Lord’s Prayer p.6
      • Focused Prayer for Persecuted Christians p.8
      • St Wilfrid’s Hospice Dreambuilding p.9
      • Storm ‘Katie’ batters Bosham p.12
      • New affordable housing p.13
      • Bosham Sailing Club news pp.14-15
      • A June arrival! (new minibus) p.16

April 2016

March 2016

      • Development proposal in the churchyard p.6
      • Bosham aghast at planning outcome p.7
      • Stainer’s Crucifixion p.9
      • Bosham Lives reprint – Denise St Aubyn Hubbard p.14

February 2016

      • Proposed Parish Room p.5
      • Organ Scholar and Choral Scholar p.5
      • Sunshine through the window (photo) p.6
      • Preparing this month’s Bosham Life p.6
      • Obituary – Sonner Gilby p.7
      • Annual rainfall p.15

January 2016

December 2015

      • Bosham Village Calendar p.5
      • Letter from Bishop Martin pp.6-7
      • Funtington Music Group p.12
      • Singing Day at Holy Trinity pp.14-15

November 2015

October 2015

      • Bosham Village Neighbourhood Plan p.6
      • Bosham Youth Group virtual barbecue p.7
      • Di Beck’s moving story p.11
      • Mary Rose Museum temporary closing p.11
      • New Director of Music at Holy Trinity p.12
      • Bosham village wall calendar p.12
      • Goodbye, Bosham from David Lacey p.17
      • Colour run fundraiser for St Wilfrid’s Hospice p.18
      • Admission to Bishop Luffa School p.19

September 2015

      • St Wilfrid’s Hospice ‘Memory Leaves’ p.6
      • Parish family camp pp.8,9
      • Horticultural Show report p.11
      • Bosham Sailing Club Junior Week pp.14-15
      • Travel (Kerala) pp.16-17

August 2015

      • Brian Currell (obituary) p.7
      • Presentation of elephant by Rev Joby Joy p.10
      • Bosham Cricket Club fundraiser p.11
      • Bosham celebrates WI centenary p.13
      • Bosham Sailing Club summer events p.14
      • Possible move of St Wilfrid’s Hospice to Bosham pp.16,17

July 2015

      • Trinity Sunday (All Hallows altar cloth) p.6
      • Westbourne Deanery barbecue p.7
      • The God of Israel through the eyes of the prophet Isaiah p.12
      • As time goes by… or Last Tango in Bosham p.15
      • Bosham Open Gardens day p.16
      • Bosham Forum visit to Brooklands p.17
      • Then and Now (Sailing Club) p.19

June 2015

      • Parish lunch p.5
      • St Wilfrid’s Hospice p.7
      • Meeting point p.8
      • Sew – don’t throw p.9
      • Ringing for VE day p.10

May 2015

      • Bosham WI visits Royal Hospital Chelsea p.6
      • Award for the Trippet wall p.9
      • Winter sea fishing in Bosham p.17

April 2015

March 2015

      • First World War p.6
      • March of the polytunnels p.8
      • Then and now (painting and photo of chancel) p.12
      • Here come the ‘Supertides’ p.15
      • Tidal flooding in Bosham (photos) p.16
      • Murder investigation continues

February 2015

January 2015

      • Find the location of a house p.5
      • WI Fashion Show p.7
      • The Silence of the … Bells! p.10
      • Romania p.12
      • The Epistle of James p.14

December 2014

      • The grave of King Harold? p.9
      • Bosham Parish Neighbourhood Plan p.11
      • Astraia’s Baltic Journey 2014 (travel) p.12
      • The grave of Thomas Barrow p.14
      • Murder investigation p.20

November 2014

      • Burnes Shipyard appeal p.10
      • How to create alarm and despondency p.11
      • Harvest supper p.11
      • God of surprises (man carrying a cross) p.12
      • The mud wall p.14

October 2014

September 2014

      • Tuppeny Barn p.9
      • Travel: Almost in the middle of nowhere (Cook Islands) p.10
      • WI visits to St Paul’s Cathedral and the Solent Way p.14
      • Bosham on TV: “A history of Britain by Simon Schama” p.18
      • An unusual visitor (a kestrel spends a week in church) p.24

August 2014

      • Rita’s ring (story) p.5
      • Bosham Parish Neighbourhood Plan – update p.6
      • A new sea wall for Bosham p.8
      • Science Spot – shedding light on LEDs p.10
      • First World War p.13
      • From our readers p.15
      • Bosham Church Fête p.16
      • Guardian of a heritage (weather vane) p.19
      • Christian ministry in a changing world p.22

July 2014

      • Bosham Parish Neighbourhood Plan – new housing p.8-9
      • New altar cloth and vestments p.10
      • Saxons in Sussex p.11
      • Flower festival pp.12-13
      • Noticing nature p.14
      • Hoedown report p.23

June 2014

      • Bosham Parish Neighbourhood Plan p.8
      • Report on Rev Martin Lane’s sabbatical p.12

May 2014

      • Women’s World Day of Prayer p.6
      • A New Altar Cloth for the All Hallows Chapel p.11
      • Goodbye Vestry, Hello … p.12
      • Harbourside Cleanup p.13
      • BYO Children’s Painting Competition p.14
      • Memories of Bosham’s Sewerage System p.17
      • Swarming p.18
      • Peter’s Denial (photograph) p.27

April 2014

      • Bosham on the Silver Screen p.7
      • Neighbourhood Plan Fourth Exhibition p.9
      • Love Thy Neighbour Ministries p.11
      • Father Martin on Sabbatical p.14
      • Residents ‘Clamp’ Down on Parking p.15
      • Town Hall Meeting with Andrew Tyrie p.18
      • Should Make for an Interesting Race! p.27

March 2014

      • Chichester’s New Local Plan p.6
      • Bosham on TV: the Saint p.7
      • The Other Bosham Head p.8
      • The Last Regularly Scheduled Matins Service p.11
      • Unlucky/Lucky Swan! p.11
      • Bosham Flower Festival p.14
      • Repairs to Chancel Floor p.15
      • Kevin Jamieson (obituary) p.17

February 2014

      • The Bosham (Roman) head p.6
      • Annual rainfall in Bosham p.7
      • You took my place (Christian story) p.10
      • A win for Itchenor in the annual Nurdling match p.12
      • The calm and the storm (photos) pp.14-15
      • Maps of Bosham 1965 and 2003 p.17
      • Tide tables (cartoon) p.18

January 2014

      • From the Sea at Bosham (poem) p.5
      • Down Lambert Way (historical walk) p.7
      • The Gospel of Mary (Christian history) p.8
      • Travel: The Joy of Friends Made on the Road p.13
      • Bosham on TV: David Dimbleby documentary p.14

December 2013

      • Favourite Hymns (parishoners’ suggestions) p.5
      • Midnight Mass at Christmas (poem) p.7
      • Proposed Holy Trinity Vestry Enhancements p.8
      • The Sanctus bell p.9
      • Turkey Lifter (design and construction) p.9
      • Bosham Parish Neighbourhood Plan p.11
      • BEATS (British Earthquake and Tsunami Support) p.12
      • Christian Engineers in Development (charity) p.13
      • Bosham Association 50th AGM p.16
      • Head chorister retires p.16
      • Travel: Mandalay, Burma p.17

November 2013

      • Edric Frederick VC, Third Baron Gifford p.7
      • Burne’s Shipyard Development p.10
      • Laying up of the Boats , Litany of Thanksgiving p. 12
      • Roman buildings in Bosham p.12
      • Replacing the Pilings Beside Bosham Quay p.15
      • A Backyard in Bosham (painting) p.16

October 2013

      • From our new organist/choirmaster p.6
      • Update on the Neighbourhood Plan p.7
      • Science Spot: What is a Widget – and how does it work p.8
      • Ecclesiastical and Civil Parish Maps pp.14-15
      • Travel – Astraia’s Baltic Adventure p.16

September 2013

      • The ‘Proper’ way to Lead Intercessions p.5
      • Bosham Lives: the Submariner (Sandy Woodward) p.10
      • The Crypt of Bosham Church p.14
      • Travel: Tiger Tracks in the Sundarbans (2) p.16

August 2013

      • Bosham Parish Neighbourhood Plan p.9
      • Bosham Parish Lunch p.12
      • Bosham Church Fête photos pp.14-15
      • Travel: Tiger Tracks in the Sundarbans (1) p.16

July 2013

      • Rita’s Ring (story) p.10
      • Balloons over Bosham p.11
      • Bosham Open Gardens Day p.13
      • Walsingham – May 2013 p.14
      • Bishop Visits Bosham p.15
      • Gumdrop p.17

June 2013

      • From the Archives: the Copper Bass-Viol (2) p.6
      • Bosham Parish Neighbourhood Plan p.7
      • History of the Catholic Church in Bosham p.8
      • Science Spot: the Prime Meridian p.11
      • The Day the Church Turned Pink p.16
      • View the International Space Station p.18

May 2013

      • Bosham Parish Neighbourhood Plan p.7
      • Bosham Fuel Syndicate p.10
      • Rita’s Ring (story) p.11
      • The Watercourses of Bosham p.14
              • The New Mary Rose Museum p.16

April 2013

      • Chichester Foodbank p.9
      • Science Spot: View the International Space Station p.10
      • Bosham Parish Neighbourhood Plan p.11
      • The Much Maligned Mary of Magdala p.12
      • News from the Choir p.14
      • Creating the new Mary Rose Museum p.15
      • From the Archives: the Copper Bass-Viol (1) p.17

March 2013

      • Obituary: Angela Bromley-Martin p.12
      • Travel: Are You Planning to Visit Rome? p.13
      • From the Police and Crime Commisioner p.16
      • Before and After (Oyster Mews) p.18

February 2013

      • Flooding in Bosham – Again! p.8
      • Bosham Neighbourhood Plan p.9
      • The Vicar’s Wife’s Story p.10
      • Monthly Rainfall p.12
      • Travel: a Danish Christmas p.14
      • Visit to the Romanian Orphanage p.16

January 2013

    • Send a Cow p.5
    • Enthronement of the New Bishop p.9
    • A New Map of Bosham p.12