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General subjects
Science Spot

General subjects:
Joe Biden and Bosham
A previous pandemic (17th Century plague)
Biography: Nick Langhorne
The Manor of Bosham
The Bayeux Tapestry altar frontal
The Corbels in Holy Trinity
Harold Godwinson (later King Harold) and the Bayeux Tapestry
Father Martin talks on Radio Sussex about the Bayeux tapestry
Memoir by David Marsden-Jones
The Stone Coffins of Bosham Church
Bosham Primary School – Grease!
Obituary – DavidLacey
Textbook Care
Mervyn Banting
The Mud Wall
The watercourses of Bosham
Memories of Bosham’s sewerage system
Bosham on TV and at the cinema
Ecclesiastical and Civil Parish Maps
The Bosham Head
The Other Bosham Head
Roman Buildings in Bosham
The Marcuse Sundial
Father Martin’s Sabbatical

Martin Luther
The Altar Cloths in Holy Trinity
Bishop George Bell
St Paul and the Body of Christ metaphor
The Lord’s Prayer
The Walsingham Children’s Pilgrimage
Was Jesus a Revolutionary?
The God of Israel Through the Eyes of the Prophet Isaiah
The God of Israel Through the Eyes of the Prophet Hosea
The Decline of the Roman Empire – Mirrored in the Life of St Augustine
Christian Ministry in a Changing World
The Gospel of Mary
The Much-maligned Mary of Magdala
The Psalms – Mirrors of the Soul
St Augustine of Hippo
The King James Bible
St Augustine and the ‘goods of marriage’

Science Spot:
TheTides – four articles combined
The Astronaut’s Dream – a true story
On the date line, on the equator…
Here come the ‘Supertides’
Sunrise, Sunset… (the hours of daylight and darkness)
Shedding Light on LEDs
Why are there two tides a day, instead of just one?
Why aren’t all tides the same height?
What controls the timings of high and low tides?
The winter sky over Bosham
View the International Space Station
The earth’s tectonic plates
How does 3D work?
The medical effects of spaceflight
How do huge ships stay afloat?
How does SatNav work?
The prime meridian
Hurricanes and bath plugs
What is a Widget?
Why don’t the times of sunrise and sunset match?
What day is it? (International Date Line)


The DaintreeRainforest
Iceland Overland 2019
Morocco Overland
Interrailing for the mature traveller!
Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia
Every Bench is Painted: A Day in Australia’s Blue Mountains
Phoebe’s Kilimanjaro Adventure
Tiger tracks in the Sundarbans
Astraia’s Baltic adventure
Travelling in Asia
Visit Parliament
A Danish Christmas
Visiting Rome from Rome Vacation Tips – how to make the most of Rome
Cruise ruses
Florida’s west coast
St Clair, France
The other Washington
Up the Po
The Italian Lakes
A day out in London

The Vicar’s Wife’s Story
Rita’s Ring 1 (by Chris Pexton)
Rita’s Ring 2 (by Christine Fallows)
Rita’s Ring 3 (by Chris Pexton)